Make Sparkle-Toed Shoes With Glitter and Mod Podge

Make sparkle toed shoes with glitter and mod podge
Somehow I have accumulated about a dozen pairs of ballet flats and they are all either grey, black or brown. I wanted to play around with a pair to see if I could add a little pop of color.

Not long ago, I made sparkle dresser knobs with only some Mod Podge and glitter and they were really easy so I thought I’d see if it would work on shoes.

All you need is a pair of ballet flats, Mod Podge, and glitter. With spring on the way, I chose a pastel blend of glitter. Continue reading

Make Your Own Mod Podge

Anyone who likes to decoupage or do crafts that involve sealing images onto furniture, bottles, and other objects, you’ve most likely come across Mod Podge. It’s a great glue/sealant and can be used on all kinds of projects.

The only problem with it is that at around $8.00 for a small jar, it can get expensive if you use it a lot or have a larger project.

I’d heard of making your own and thought I would give it a try.


All you need is:
1 clean, dry jar with a lid
1 bottle of white glue


Pour your glue into your jar and add water. Many of the recipes out there called for a 50/50 mixture of glue to water but I found that to be a little too runny. I preferred a ratio more like 2 parts glue to 1 part water.

Shake Well.


That’s it!

Apply just as you would your Mod Podge.

I wanted to test my new concoction out on a simple project. For this decorative jar, I just put a layer of glue right on the jar and then placed a strip of pretty paper over it. Then I just applied more glue on top of the paper and along the edges to seal it down.


I wiped off any excess glue left on the glass and let it dry.


This formula makes a matte finish, which I really love.


I’m used to the glossy look of Mod Podge, but I thought the matte looked great. You can’t even tell there is a sealant there.


If you want to try this and get started right away, here are some ideas of different ways to use your new mixture.


personalized wine bottlesdoily wall

DSC04025 summer sippers 4th of july bowl final-veggie-jars-inside-with-logo

I’d probably stick with real Mod Podge if you’re doing a special project that might involve family photos or sentimental items. I’m sure it has ingredients that produce a longer lasting finish. But for fun little projects like the jar above, this DIY alternative is great!


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Decorative Container Ideas

I can’t seem to stop myself from saving these yogurt containers. They are a great size and are so sturdy.


Because we go through so many of them, the growing stack was making me eligible to appear on Hoarders, so I needed to do something with them- and quick.

I didn’t know exactly what to do so I decided to decorate them and then go from there. Since fall is here, I went with a jute wrap.


I also used white yarn for contrast.


I just covered the container with glue (as I went, not all at once) and then just wrapped around.

This is a pretty simple project but I thought I would share. There are actually a lot of things you can do with these containers.

I used a couple to store picnic items.


And filled some with fall mums.


I used some for small random toys. The plastic lids are great, if you remember to save them.



I might still be eligible for Hoarders, I’m not sure. Is it still considered hoarding trash if it’s decorated?

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Embellishments To Give One Shirt Many Looks

Back to school time is here so that means clothes shopping!

Here is a fun way to make one shirt have many different looks, saving you money and closet space.

To begin, take a shirt or tank top in a solid color. We are going to be adding removable embellishments on it.


You will want to buy strips of Velcro from a craft store. They come with a strip of the scratchy hook side and a strip of the hairy loop side that go together to hold your pieces together.


For this tank top I wanted my embellishments to go in the upper left corner of the shirt. Once I picked my spot, I sewed a small (about 1″ ) strip of Velcro. I’m not sure if it matters which side of Velcro goes on the shirt. I used a small strip of the scratchy loop side because I feel it is better in the washer and dryer. Just sew it on with a sewing machine or by hand.


For your embellishment pieces, I will show you the ones I made and will explain in detail how to make them in another post. Otherwise, this post will turn into a novel! Don’t worry, you will get the idea, though.

Using ribbon, buttons, felt, and anything else, create decorative pieces for your shirt.

If the back of your piece is flat enough, just glue your opposing piece of Velcro to the back of your embellishment like this:


If your embellishment is not flat in the back (like with a bow) then glue the embellishment to a small piece of felt and then glue your Velcro to the felt.


Now you have removable pieces to change the look of one single shirt. The nice thing is your embellishments can be made of anything without worry of the washing machine. Because they are removable, just take them off before washing to keep them clean and nice.

Here are a couple ideas.








Keep in mind you can do more grown up looking embellishments to change up your own shirts and tank tops too!

Have fun!