Easy, Inexpensive Way to Make Framed Wall Art

If you are in need of some wall art but don’t consider yourself a painter, you are in luck. You can make some beautiful art with finger painting. It’s not just for kids!

Make Wall Art by finger painting-maggiemaysgifts

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Make Sparkle-Toed Shoes With Glitter and Mod Podge

Make sparkle toed shoes with glitter and mod podge
Somehow I have accumulated about a dozen pairs of ballet flats and they are all either grey, black or brown. I wanted to play around with a pair to see if I could add a little pop of color.

Not long ago, I made sparkle dresser knobs with only some Mod Podge and glitter and they were really easy so I thought I’d see if it would work on shoes.

All you need is a pair of ballet flats, Mod Podge, and glitter. With spring on the way, I chose a pastel blend of glitter. Continue reading