Make Your Own Mod Podge

Anyone who likes to decoupage or do crafts that involve sealing images onto furniture, bottles, and other objects, you’ve most likely come across Mod Podge. It’s a great glue/sealant and can be used on all kinds of projects.

The only problem with it is that at around $8.00 for a small jar, it can get expensive if you use it a lot or have a larger project.

I’d heard of making your own and thought I would give it a try.


All you need is:
1 clean, dry jar with a lid
1 bottle of white glue


Pour your glue into your jar and add water. Many of the recipes out there called for a 50/50 mixture of glue to water but I found that to be a little too runny. I preferred a ratio more like 2 parts glue to 1 part water.

Shake Well.


That’s it!

Apply just as you would your Mod Podge.

I wanted to test my new concoction out on a simple project. For this decorative jar, I just put a layer of glueΒ right on the jar and then placed a strip of pretty paper over it. Then I just applied more glue on top of the paper and along the edges to seal it down.


I wiped off any excess glue left on the glass and let it dry.


This formula makes a matte finish, which I really love.


I’m used to the glossy look of Mod Podge, but I thought the matte looked great. You can’t even tell there is a sealant there.


If you want to try this and get started right away, here are some ideas of different ways to use your new mixture.


personalized wine bottlesdoily wall

DSC04025 summer sippers 4th of july bowl final-veggie-jars-inside-with-logo

I’d probably stick with real Mod Podge if you’re doing a special project that might involve family photos or sentimental items. I’m sure it has ingredients that produce a longer lasting finish. But for fun little projects like the jar above, this DIY alternative is great!


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28 thoughts on “Make Your Own Mod Podge

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  7. I make jewelry and have some ideas that involve mod podge. Like everyone else, even tho my amounts used would be smaller, I didn’t want to spend the money. I also wanted a matte finish & wasn’t sure how to get it if I used the real thing. I stumbled across your site with the directions listed & couldn’t believe my eyes. I, too, thank you for sharing. I can’t wait to make some and give it a try.

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  9. Great tip. Thanks. It’s motivated me to get started on a few pieces of furniture I’ve wanted to revamp but when I looked to buy Mod Podge the cost put me off! Thanks for sharing πŸ˜ƒ

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  11. I mod podged my fridge with fabric and diy mod podge about 40 years ago. The fridge was in excellent condition on the inside but rusty on the outside edges from sitting in the garage for a while. I sanded between coats. It came out beautiful. The focal point of our home. Fun.

  12. Maggie, I had no idea you could make your own mode podge! The best is that it gives you a matte finish πŸ˜‰ Thank you! I’m pinning and bookmarking your post πŸ˜‰

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