Make Sparkle-Toed Shoes With Glitter and Mod Podge

Make sparkle toed shoes with glitter and mod podge
Somehow I have accumulated about a dozen pairs of ballet flats and they are all either grey, black or brown. I wanted to play around with a pair to see if I could add a little pop of color.

Not long ago, I made sparkle dresser knobs with only some Mod Podge and glitter and they were really easy so I thought I’d see if it would work on shoes.

All you need is a pair of ballet flats, Mod Podge, and glitter. With spring on the way, I chose a pastel blend of glitter. Continue reading

Repurpose A Cute Sheet Into A Shirt

The beautiful thing about having your last child is that when he is done with an item (high chair, clothes, etc.) you can get rid of it. No more storing!

The only time this is sad is when they outgrow something that you love.

There was always something about this crib sheet of my daughter’s that made me happy. Once she moved from her toddler bed into a twin, it was time to say goodbye.

Upcycling kids clothes using outgrown items

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Save A Stained Shirt

If you ask me, the most useful baby gift you could give to an expecting mother is a huge box of OxiClean. When young kids eat, they usually just aim in the general direction of their head, leaving more food on their clothes (and bodies) than in their mouth.

Usually, I can throw a stained item in the wash right away but every now and then there is a stubborn stain what won’t come out no matter how I treat it.

Here is an example.

save a stained shirt

While the shirt is very clean, it just looks disgusting. It makes me to sad to just throw a shirt away so I wanted to see if I could save it.

I did a similar post with a sweater with a hole in it. You can see how that turned out here.

For this shirt, I decided to save it with hearts.

First, I cut out a heart from pink fabric by folding it in half and drawing half of the heart (just like we did in elementary school).

save a stained shirt

save a stained shirt

Then I cut it out, opened it up and placed it over the stained area. The stains were ALL OVER so I actually had to cut out another heart to cover up another section. Then I just added a couple more hearts for fun. I pinned them in place and sewed them all down with a zig-zag stitch around the edges.

save a stained shirt

Now someone has a whole new shirt!


save a stained shirt

So, if OxiClean is no match for your little food artist, I hope this idea can save the day!


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save a stained shirt collage

Fun body shirt

I saw this idea of a body on a shirt and really wanted to try it. It was actually pretty easy.

kids shirt maggie may's

All I needed was a plain white tee shirt, striped fabric,  brown fabric, an old pair of jeans and some white yarn.


I just hand traced a shirt out of the striped fabric based on the neck on my white shirt. I realized after I made it that it would make a cute Where’s Waldo? shirt. So if you want to do that, make sure the stripes are horizontal. I learned that too late.

Then I cut pants from my denim.


I sewed a button on the pants.


I cut brown fabric for shoes and used yarn for white laces.


Then I just lined my pieces up, pinned them in place and sewed them onto the white shirt with a zig zag stitch.

kids shirt maggie may's

This just makes a fun, little shirt.

kids shirt maggie may's

Where’s Waldo?

kids shirt maggie may's

kids shirt maggie may's

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Tattooed arm shirt

I saw this adorable costume in the Chasing Fireflies catalog and loved the tattooed shirt concept.

chasing fireflies

I thought it was so sweet and figured it wouldn’t be that hard to make.

I bought some cheap knee-high hose and used colored Sharpies and a tee shirt that I already had. I just put the stocking over my arm to decorate it (yes, it bleeds through and tattoos your arm in the meantime).


Then I just cut off the toe area and turned the stocking and the shirt inside out and pinned the stocking to the rim of the shirt sleeve.


I chose to sew the stocking to the shirt by hand because when I tried to envision using the sewing machine, I just didn’t see things ending well.

Then I turned the shirt and sleeve right side out and that was it.



Obviously this would be great for all kinds of costumes this Halloween or you could just add it to an everyday shirt like we did to send the neighbor kids a message.





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Halloween Spider Shirt

If you are ready to get into the Halloween spirit already, here is a fun little spider shirt you can make for kids that is really easy.

I just used a shirt I already had.


I cut out an oval out of a black skirt I was going to donate because it was handy. You could use felt or fabric. Then I placed it where I wanted it to go to get an idea. I put pins where I wanted to stitch my legs.


Then using a zig zag stitch of my sewing machine, I stitched legs where the pins were and another stitch leading up to the top for the cobweb string.


Then I just sewed my black piece of fabric in the center of the legs with a zig zag stitch.


Finally, I sewed white buttons on for eyes. In the end, I added a few stitches to make a mouth because I felt like he had things to say.DSC04017

And that was it.

DSC04049 DSC04055 DSC04057

Happy October! The best month of the year!