Who Are These People?

Have you been wanting to sit down with your family members and capture their great childhood and life stories. Maybe even some words of wisdom?

Or have you tried (like I did) and realized that without the right questions, it became an interview full of facts or just felt awkward because you didn’t know what to ask?

I’m really excited to share something I created out of a need for myself and have spent the last nine months working on…and it is finally done!My Life Inscribed Interview Workbook

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Turn Your Family Photos Into Works Of Art

how to paint your family photos and make wall collage

Do you love having photos around the house but get bored easily with them? Here is something to try. Continue reading

Project Workstation

This project was created out of necessity as I needed an official workstation. My dad had a couple sentimental items in his house that were his mom’s and he kindly let me update and use them.


This table is from his childhood in the forties and I can only assume it was also around long before that. If you ask my dad or any of his siblings, they each have many stories involving this table. It was used to cool cookies and peanut brittle, roll dough, and do homework and other projects.

The table was born to work and I plan to carry on the tradition. I did feel the need to update it though as the vintage, distressed look is normally great, but this table just didn’t have that feel.

While I know that sanding is the ideal first step in a project like this, I was honest with myself from the start. That was not going to happen. So, I went to Lowes and made instant friends with this..


Note the “Sticks to all surfaces without sanding” claim.

I did two coats of it and then painted two final coats of white paint. It’s not perfect but I like it that way.

He also gave me a chair that has been passed around in the family.


I did the same thing to it, two coats of primer and two coats of paint.

I popped out the cushion.


Than I replaced the cushion part with a cutout from a new mattress foam topper that I recently bought but didn’t like. I used two layers of it and covered it with a new fabric by folding it over and then stapled it down.



Then I used a strip of the same fabric and sealed it to the front of the drawer with Mod Podge. Then I (my husband) replaced the handle with an updated one.


I painted the inside of the drawer pale gray just for fun.


Then I found a new home for it.




I love the history of this table and all that was accomplished with it.

I look forward to creating tomorrow’s history with it now.

Keeping out-of-town family close at heart

We are all pretty spoiled these days with facebook, Skype, and iPhone pictures and videos as a way to keep connected. With nieces and nephews in other states, I’m still able to watch them sing, ride their bikes, sing happy birthday and even talk to them face-to-face through the computer. It is really amazing when you stop and think about it.

Even with all that technology, it is still hard being away from loved ones, especially kids. They build relationships with people they are around the most. This project is an easy way to keep relationships strong even when people are miles apart.

For this example, I did a photo sign for my kids from their Gigi (grandma) who lives 500 miles away. All I did was take a digital picture of her with each child and opened the photo in Microsoft Paint. There are different ways to do this. Depending on what program you are using, you can choose to “Open file as” and choose Paint. Or you can open up the Paint program, click “open” and then choose your photo. I chose to make the photo black and white so my add-on graphics would stand out.

black white

Once you have your photo opened in Paint, choose a shape that you want by clicking on it. I chose a star. Once your shape is selected, put your curser where you want the shape to be and drag outward to spread it open. Once you release, your shape is set. Pick a color and click the fill button. To add text inside, click on the A icon to the left of the screen and click inside the shape. This creates a text box to write in. Type what you want and you are done.


You can do all kinds of things with this..


Just have fun and hang them where your kids will see them often!

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