Book Recommendation for Anyone Creative (That’s You!)

We are all creative. Whether you like to write, cook, craft, decorate, negotiate at work, or parent your kids, you are being creative.

I feel that we all get callings or nudges to try something. Sometimes we listen and act, but most of the time, we don’t.

If you’ve ever wanted someone to give you permission to go for it, do your thing, be yourself, or just create something for fun, then you will love this book. Not that you need permission to do those things, of course, but sometimes it helps move you along.

Big Magic-Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth Gilbert has written several books, one being, Eat, Pray, Love, which was wildly successful. Big Magic is her latest book.

I’m reading this book the way you eat a great meal, slowly and deliberately, not wanting it to end. The chapters are short and easy but it is obvious that each word was perfectly crafted into its sentence making it a truly enjoyable read. Not to mention inspiring.

This book reminds us that we create because we love it, and therefore need it. Once we take off the pressure that says our creation needs to help people, generate income, please everyone, be perfect, change the world, etc., then it can be free.

Create for yourself. Create because you love it. Just create.

Happy Friday.


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