Tissue Paper Flowers

My favorite plants are those that you don’t have to water. So rather than fill my house with cacti, I thought I’d play around with these paper flowers.


They are really easy and cheap to make and would also make great party or wedding decorations. Or just a way to decorate a bedroom.


All you need is tissue paper, scissors, and a stapler or piece of string.

Stack about six sheets of tissue paper.


Then begin folding the tissue paper in one inch segments.


After one fold, flip the papers over and do the same fold on the other side.


The point is to make an accordion. Make sure you flip after each fold.


Once it is all folded, it will look like this…


Try to slide it under a stapler to staple it right in the middle. If you can’t get it lined up so the staple is straight, you can tie a string or piece of wire around the middle to hold it together.


Trim the edges with a rounded cut.


You can also do a sharp pointed cut to create a different style of flower.


Then stretch out the folded part,


and then carefully pull each piece of tissue paper out until they are all spread apart.


Do that to both sides and you are done!


You can experiment with the sizes, too. The smaller you go, the more time it takes to separate. If you are patient, it is worth it because the small flowers make adorable gift toppers.


If you want to make stemmed flowers, you can take a stick and hot glue it into the flower.


Put it into a vase filled with pebbles and you have a seriously low-maintenance bouquet of flowers!


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