How To Make a Paper Snowflake

paper snowflakes

I wanted to create a winter wonderland scene in my kids’ room this Christmas using a tree branch, lights, and paper snowflakes. I will share that post next week.

I decided to do this in two separate posts after I discovered how maddening making paper snowflakes was. It wasn’t bad after I finally figured it out, but it was a long journey there 🙂

My memories from elementary school making these do not include the specifics of folding the paper. I just remember cutting and snipping and opening up beautiful paper snowflakes.

I assumed this was a simple little thing that any kid could do so I just folded up some paper and snip snipped.

Here was my first snowflake.



I tried again and got this.



I finally wised up and looked up videos on You Tube on how to make these. I watched a couple and made this.


Seriously. What is going on?

I finally got it and then wasn’t sure how to share on a blog post how to do it. I decided the best way would be on a video. I’ve never made a You Tube video before but here is my attempt. I hope that I can spare you the pain and suffering that I endured. On the bright side, once you get it, they are kind of fun to make!

Have fun!


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12 thoughts on “How To Make a Paper Snowflake

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  2. Hahaha!!! I love this! I hope you don’t mind, but I made your elegant wreath and I’m planning on posting my experience in a few days (full credit to you, of course!) What I’m getting at though, is I have a ton of coffee filters left now so I tried making a snowflake with them. It actually worked out really well-I just need some decent scissors. Anyhow, this post is hilarious!

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