Copper Mason Jar Vase

Copper mason jar vaseSince I bought a can of metallic copper spray paint, I’ve been getting a little spray-crazy wanting to turn everything around me copper.

This is a really simple project but I thought I’d share. With the holidays coming up, this might be an easy way to brighten up a table.

First, grab a mason jar and tape off the top 1/4 of the jar. Painter’s tape would be best but I didn’t have any so I used clear packing tape and it worked fine. I’d avoid duct tape because it might leave a gummy residue on the jar.  Press down the edge of your tape well so you get a nice, clean line of paint.

DSC06224 Then spray paint the jar on the outside and let dry.


Slowly peel off your tape and you are all done.DSC06272 DSC06274I love this look because it goes well with pastel flowers for the springtime, but also would look great with darker flowers for Thanksgiving and Christmas.



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Last Minute Halloween Ideas

In case you couldn’t tell from all the pumpkins, skeletons, and bloody, rubber everything, Halloween is coming up. I thought I’d squeeze in one last post with some past ideas I’ve shared to help get you ready. (What that really means is I didn’t get around to doing any Halloween projects this year so I’m recycling to make up for it. So, sorry for the repeats you’ve already seen!)

I will always love this one though because those plastic tiaras are the worst. Here is an easy way to make them more comfortable and actually stay on your little princess this year. Hashtag Elsa :)

princess tiara costume

Need a festive outfit, but not really a costume? Then this little spider shirt is for you.

Spider Shirt Halloween

How about a snack to bring to a party? Or just a fun way to serve veggies? These little squash pumpkins are super easy!

Fall squash pumpkinsFinally, this tattoo shirt is a lot of fun and could be used for all kinds of costumes.

tattoo shirt costume


Have a safe and happy Halloween!


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Make Your Own Baseball Shirt

make your own baseball shirtIf your kids have a lot of solid colored shirts, here is an easy way to give them a little update with just some spare fabric and a sewing machine.

Shirt before:DSC05972

With your fabric, cut out whatever design you choose to sew onto your shirt. You could do an animal, letters, or something simple like a ball. I decided to do a baseball since it’s super simple.

On my white fabric, I traced the shape of a ball using a glass.


Then I pinned it to my shirt and traced two lines on it (for the ball stitching).


Then using white thread, I sewed around the ball twice using a zig zag stitch. Then with red thread in a zig zag stitch, I followed the lines I drew on the ball to make the stitching.

And that was it.


This one was really simple but it gave a plain, old shirt a little update.

I’ll let my model show you.



He was taking his modeling duties very seriously.


With winter coming, this idea would be cute for zip-up sweatshirts and sweaters, as well.



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Modern Fall Art

modern fall artOne of my favorite purchases lately has been a can of copper spray paint. It is such a fun color and I thought it would be neat to add a modern look to some fall items.

For this project, we just headed outside and gathered acorns that had fallen to the ground. I washed them and let them dry in the sun.


And then just sprayed them with the paint, shaking the box around to be sure the whole acorn got covered.


I also did this with pine cones from the ground and plastic leaves from the dollar store.

For the canvas, I covered two pieces of flat Styrofoam with fabric. You could use a painted wood board or a store-bought canvas. I was just trying to use up what I had.


Then I hot glued my painted items onto the canvas.



With my pine cones, I tied some raffia around them and gathered them in a bunch.



Then I hot glued them to the back of a decorative frame that had the glass removed.


This allowed them to just dangle in the opening.


This month, these pieces are hanging in Starbucks so people can enjoy some fall decor as they sip their pumpkin spice lattes. :)




Fall doesn’t have to always be browns and oranges. Remember your metallics when you want a more modern look.

Have Fun!



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Make Your Own Rustic Framed Art


Rustic Framed ArtThis project happened by accident. I bought my daughter a calendar from the dollar store since she was always asking what day it was. I found this one that was full of bright, inspirational messages.

Rustic framed art

Once I got it home, I realized it was a 2015 calendar and we couldn’t use it for another six months.

I’ve been wanting to brighten up our eating area for a while (that post is coming soon) and I liked the bright colors of these prints so I decided to use the calendar for the dining room instead.

I just assumed the print size was 12 x 12 (I realize actually measuring it would have taken 5 seconds…but no) so I bought frames in that size. Once I got them home, I learned that the prints were 11 x 11 making them too small for the frame.

Apparently, they don’t sell frames in the size that these prints are so I had to get inventive. I decided to just display them on pieces of wood giving them a rustic touch.

I lucked out finding this scrap wood.

Rustic framed art

Then I had Lowe’s cut it into the sizes I needed.

Rustic framed art

Since the prints were so colorful, I decided to stick with white paint for the frames. I just used the Valspar latex paint I had on hand and painted the boards.

Rustic framed art

Once those dried, I attached a hook on the back to hang it.

Rustic framed art

Rustic framed art

And finally attached the print with small screws onto the front of the board.

Rustic framed art

Rustic framed art

Once I had each print screwed on I took them into the dining room to figure out where to place them.


After playing around with them a bit, up they went!DSC06248

So if you have a print or photo that is an odd size or just want a more rustic looking frame, this project is great. It’s easy and inexpensive.

Now we have a whole new look in our dining room and my daughter still has no idea what day it is.


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Rustic Framed Art

Fall Air Freshener (natural and easy)

fall air freshener collage

I love the way a home smells when someone (not me) is cooking, especially cinnamon-ny baked goods.

The only problem with this is I don’t have the time or desire to bake every day, which is why I love this way to make my home smell like I do.

I love that this uses real ingredients so it is all-natural and smells amazing. It’s also super easy and inexpensive. All you need is an apple, 6 cinnamon sticks (about $1.00 when you buy in the bulk section), and the peel of an orange (you can go ahead and eat the actual orange). Grab some cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and any other yummy spices you have on hand as well.ingredients for natural air freshener

I know many people will let this simmer on the stove but with kids around I don’t like having the stove on, especially for long periods. Instead, put the ingredients, spices, and about 8 cups of water in the crock pot. This is much safer and uses far less energy and gas than the stove.

natural air freshener

I turn mine on high for about an hour or so to get it going and then you can turn it to low for the rest of the day. It does take about an hour to start really smelling up the house so keep that in mind if you’re doing this before guests come over.

Be warned that when your house smells this heavenly, people are going to expect to be served some sort of treat. I’ll let you figure out how to handle that one. :)



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fall crock pot collage long

Fall Decor Roundup

fall favorites roundup maggie maysFall is my favorite time of year but it always goes by too quickly. Since there would never be enough time to do all of the fall projects that I would like to, I thought I’d share what others have done.

Here’s a little roundup of some of my favorite fall ideas from Pinterest. The photo/project source is listed below each image. Click on the image to visit their site and learn how to do the project!

Nice Elegant Polka Dots

polka pumpkin maggie may's fall roundup

Source: A thoughtful place blog


Such an adorable way to serve ice cream or sorbet.

orange pumpkin maggie mays fall roundup



Great idea for keeping kids busy during huge coloring pad!

table maggie mays gifts fall roundup

Source: Apartment Therapy


Cute name place settings.

fall roundup maggie mays gifts

Source: Bright Settings


This would be fun to give with a gift of pumpkin pie! Give a pie with a pumpkin sharing the recipe. Or display in the kitchen for a recipe you make a lot in the fall!

recipe maggie mays gifts fall roundup



I love my Mod Podge. You can do anything with this idea…fabric, pretty paper, photos, etc.

mod podge maggie mays gifts fall round up

Source: Confessions of a plate addict


Pretty way to serve snack mix!

cone maggie mays gifts fall roundup

Source: temp-tations


And finally, a creative way to display tea lights.

apple Maggie Mays gifts fall roundup

Source: temp-tations

Happy fall!!!

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