What’s Your Perfect, Cozy Day ?

This isn’t exactly a DIY post, but I was asked to describe my ideal cozy day and I thought it would be fun, especially with winter coming up.

Christmas Day pretty much sums up what a perfect, cozy day should include: family, delicious food, pajamas, music, and honoring God. While I’m really looking forward to Christmas this year, I know that by December 26th, it will be back to reality.

Rather than begin dreading the upcoming cold days stuck inside, or worse, icy days where we have to go outside, I decided to travel to dream world for a minute and create the ideal cozy day.

It would begin and end in pajamas.

Phone and computer would be off.

My husband will have taken the kids out of the house all day. It doesn’t matter where. In fact, it’s best if I don’t know.

There would be binge-sessions of CSI Miami reruns along with binge-sessions of these fluffy pizza bites.

pizza bites maggie may's giftsAt some point, a Golden Girls or Three’s Company marathon would happen.

When that got old, I would go up to my bed for a while.

Well, since this is dreamworld, I would go up to a bed like this from Parachute Home Bedding.


image from Parachute Home Bedding

Once there, I would read, nod off, read, and nod off again for a few hours.

I love coffee but wouldn’t want my napping to be ruined by pesky caffeine, so this day would include peppermint tea in my favorite Starbucks travel cup. And the book would have to be one that is so good I can’t put it down. Or so good that I keep putting it down to take notes.

Maggie May's Gfits

I would probably eat an entire one pound bag of Red Vines. Twizzlers would work, too, but the cheap corn syrup in Red Vines has a crack-like effect on me.

I would have soft, piano music on in the background all day and work my way through a huge stack of magazines.

Maggie May's Gifts

Then after hours of my much anticipated silence and solitude, this perfect day would end in one perfect, beautiful way.

Maggie May's Gifts

What does your perfect, cozy day look like?

Make Personalized Wine Bottles

personalized wine bottles

It’s party time!

If you’re planning on giving wine as a hostess gift or just serving wine at a party, these personalized wine bottle labels are perfect.

I didn’t make a printable for this post because that would take the personalized out of it for you, but they are really simple. You just need a computer, printer, paper and glue. If you want to bling it up, you can add some glitter.

First, print out your design or message. You could do an initial for a simple look. Happy Holidays, Thank You, Happy New Year or even a personal message works, too. The nice part about this is you are creating it so you can do whatever you want!

Be sure to print using the landscape feature (if you’re using Word). This will ensure your label wraps all the way around your bottle. The 8.5″ side of copy paper doesn’t wrap around most bottles. Yes, I discovered this the hard way!

Now, when you print on copy paper, you label may show through the thin paper. I just glued my printed piece on top of a plain piece of paper. This gave me two layers of paper and you couldn’t see the original label anymore. Cut the paper a little larger than the original label.

If you want to add bling, paint a design wherever you want with glue and sprinkle with glitter. Let dry.

make wine bottle labels

make wine bottle labels

Using a small sponge brush or paint brush, paint a layer of glue (I use Mod Podge) over the original label. Then, place your printed label on top of the glue. Press flat so there are no bubbles or wrinkles.

make wine bottle labels

Once it is positioned, paint another layer of glue over the entire label (including your glitter) to seal it all down to the bottle.

make wine bottle labels

Wipe any excess glue off your bottle. Let dry and you are all set.

This is very inexpensive way to add a special touch to any wine bottle this holiday.

Make your own personalized holiday wine bottles holiday wine bottle labels

make wine bottle labels

Drink up!



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Create An Indoor Winter Wonderland

winter wonderlandOne of the best things about the holidays are the lights. There is something so cozy about christmas tree lights and this year I wanted to bring that coziness into the kids’ room. I had a very specific idea in mind, too. I wanted to have a tree branch with lights and sparkly paper snowflakes (that I shared last week) dangling from it.

For the tree branch, I knew exactly what I wanted; a large branch that curved to the left and also split to the right.

It’s amazing what you find once you are looking for it. I stepped outside and found this exact branch on the ground about five minutes from my house. I just love the law of attraction! :)

Create a winter wonderland

First, I poured alcohol into a spray bottle and sprayed the branch down. I was thinking this would kill any bugs lingering on it. I’m not sure it mattered because the next step of spray painting surely did.

Create a winter wonderland

I painted the branch white and then (once that dried) I sprayed a layer of Glitter Blast spray. This gave it a slight glittery look. Then I just sealed it all down with a clear varnish.

Create a winter wonderland

I let this dry for a week or so in order to let all the fumes air out a bit. Then I bought some white tree lights and wrapped them up and down the branches.

Create a winter wonderland

Be warned the lights will make your thinner branches very heavy and when you go to pick up the branch the skinny branches might break. (You may now picture the look on my husband’s face when he picked up the branch and several large pieces broke off.) It’s a two-person job as soon as you get the lights on.

My sister-in-law and I carried the branch upstairs (I think my husband was nervous to have any more to do this project!) and she held it to the wall while I secured it down in several places.

I decided to use this type of bracket to hold it in the middle.

Create a winter wonderland

And I used these white cup hooks to hold up the branches.

Create a winter wonderland

Then I hung my paper snowflakes (see tutorial for those here) using paper clips. To get this silver, glittery look on my snowflakes, I sprayed the snowflakes with glitter blast (sold in craft sections) in the garage and let them air out for a week or so before bringing them in.

Create a winter wonderlandI also had these chandelier drops that I found at a garage sale.

Create a winter wonderland

I hung them all over the branches, as well.

Create a winter wonderland

I put a white snow drape and some pretty boxes on the bookshelf to finish it off. Create a winter wonderland

Next I decided to put some tissue paper snowflakes in the corner. You can learn how to make these here.

Create a winter wonderland

I just taped fishing line to them and hung them from the ceiling.

Create a winter wonderlandI hung a few snowflakes and chandelier drops from the curtain rod.

Create a winter wonderland

And finally, I took the framed pine cones from my Modern Fall Art project and spray painted them silver.

Create a winter wonderland

Create a winter wonderland

It was really hard to get a good picture of the whole scene. When I turned the branch lights on, the middle of the room just glowed and when they were off, it was dark.

So, here are some of the best I could get.

Create a winter wonderland Create a winter wonderland Create a winter wonderland

Create a winter wonderland

This definitely isn’t a project you can do in an afternoon. It was a labor of love :) But now I’m looking forward to reading Christmas stories in there on snowy nights (and if you know me, you know I never wish for snowy nights!)

Happy December!



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How To Make a Paper Snowflake

paper snowflakes

I wanted to create a winter wonderland scene in my kids’ room this Christmas using a tree branch, lights, and paper snowflakes. I will share that post next week.

I decided to do this in two separate posts after I discovered how maddening making paper snowflakes was. It wasn’t bad after I finally figured it out, but it was a long journey there :)

My memories from elementary school making these do not include the specifics of folding the paper. I just remember cutting and snipping and opening up beautiful paper snowflakes.

I assumed this was a simple little thing that any kid could do so I just folded up some paper and snip snipped.

Here was my first snowflake.



I tried again and got this.



I finally wised up and looked up videos on You Tube on how to make these. I watched a couple and made this.


Seriously. What is going on?

I finally got it and then wasn’t sure how to share on a blog post how to do it. I decided the best way would be on a video. I’ve never made a You Tube video before but here is my attempt. I hope that I can spare you the pain and suffering that I endured. On the bright side, once you get it, they are kind of fun to make!

Have fun!



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Elegant Winter Wreath Using Coffee Filters

winter wreath using coffee filters

I’ve heard of using coffee filters for different projects and really wanted to try since they are so cheap. Plus, the white color is great for winter decorating.

I’ve been needing a wreath for our front door so I decided to use this idea for that. This was really easy, but it takes about 30-40 minutes due to all the folding and gluing.

To start, you need the frame only of a picture frame, some white coffee filters (the basket kind, not cone), hot glue gun and some pretty ribbon.

winter wreath using coffee filters

Take a coffee filter and smoosh the bottom of it together and press flat.

winter wreath using coffee filters

Then staple the flat area to keep it together.

winter wreath using coffee filters

Then fold them where the staple is and hot glue down to the frame.

winter wreath using coffee filters

Repeat all the way around just kind of stacking them along each other.

winter wreath using coffee filters

I found it easiest to make a bunch of the petals first and then glue them down.

winter wreath using coffee filters

Wrap them all the way around and you are done.

To hang it, just hot glue a piece of pretty ribbon to the back of the frame.

winter wreath using coffee filters

You can hang using a wreath hanger that goes over the door or with a nail or 3M hook.

winter wreath using coffee filters

I found an old broach of my grandma’s and the pin on it fit perfectly over the 3M hook. No gluing needed!

winter wreath using coffee filters

That added a little touch and covered up my hook.

winter wreath using coffee filters

So, I made this for my front door, but then I selfishly wanted to be able to enjoy it all the time instead of the one minute when I pull up the driveway. So, it is hanging on the inside of my house. Sorry, neighbors, you get to stare at a lonely, abandoned hook on our plain front door. fa la la la la la la la.

I think this would look neat with some sort of adornment on it, maybe letters like JOY toward the bottom or even a section of brown coffee filters. If you try this and do something fun, please share with me because this is as far as I got.

winter wreath using coffee filters


Happy Holidays! They’re comin’!


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Faux Birch Tree Candle Holder

birch tree candle holders

Does anyone else love the look of birch trees?

I think they are so beautiful, especially on a snowy day. Since we don’t have many of these trees around us, and there is no snow yet, I thought this might be a fun project to try to bring the look into our home.

The full tutorial is being featured on Meet Penny’s blog. You can check it out here. She also has a lot of other great ideas on her site, so you may want to hang out there a while!



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Dining Room Update (before and after)

If you saw one of my previous posts, I’m trying to get rid of all the dark decor in our home and brighten things up. I started with the entryway. You can see that full project here.


Now it’s time to move to the eating area.

Here it is before.

Dining Room Before

So much dark brown. Although, if we were ever to have had a flood, my curtains would have been ready!

I started with the wall and replaced the dark toned artwork for brighter, lighter art. I recently shared that project here if you want to see how I made the frames.


Then on to this chest.


I just used white paint that I had and painted the chest and drawers.


I was going to buy a new lamp but decided to play around with the one I had first. I just painted the base of it metallic silver. I’ve never painted a fabric lampshade before but gave it a shot. I painted a light layer of white primer on the brown shade and, after that dried, I painted a couple coats of blue paint.

Then I just swapped out the brown curtains with some white ones that I had.

The only problem with this door is that all standard curtains are too short for it. Lengthening them is definitely a project I will have to tackle later.

Or most likely, never. 


The final touches were painting the dark star metallic silver to match the lamp base and swapping out a rustic, wood mirror with this more modern, silver one.


And that was it.

By swapping out items I already had and just painting what was already there, I was able to brighten up this area very easily and inexpensively.

Here was the room before.


And now.


Nothing drastic but it completely lifted the mood of the room for us.

Now on to the next unsuspecting room in my house….

Thanks for reading!


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